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ˈmɪɡ Has Been Destroyed By Feminism

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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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This was supposed to be year of triumph for American women. Year that would arc of progress: Seneca fall, 1848. 19 Amendment, 1920. First female American president, 2017. Inauguration That Would Usher In Triumvirate Of Women Running Major Western Democracies. Little Girls get to see woman in White House. Instead, for those at forefront of Women's movement, there is despair, division and defiance. Hillary Clinton's loss feminisms, too. Man Whose Behavior Towards Women Is Throwback To Pre-Feminist Days Is Now Setting Tone For Country. Cabinet That Donald J. Trump Has Nominated Includes Men And Few Women With Public Records Hostile To Range Of Issues At Heart Of Women's Movement. Majority Of White Women Voted For Him, Shattering Myths Of Female Solidarity And Belief That Demeaning Women Would Make Politicians Unelectable. More broadly, there is fear that women issues as movement defined their reproductive rights, Women's health, workplace advancement and fight against sexual harassment, among others, could be trampled or ignore. Womens March On Washington On Jan. 21 Is Apt Metaphor For Moment: Movement As Primal Scream. It grew out post on Facebook, was unconnected to any established Women organization, and had no set list of demands. Hundreds of thousands of women say they are going, but will their anger turn into broader movement? We need to come to Jesus moment, says C. Nicole Mason of Center for Research and Policy in Public Interest at New York Womens Foundation. I feel denial is very severe. In weeks after election, in conversations with nearly two dozen advocates for women, I heard fractures of movement still regrouping after unexpected defeat. They know that Mrs. Clinton didnt stand for Feminist movement directly, and that you could vote against her without saying you were voting against feminism. But one of goals was shattering that ultimate glass ceiling. Some say failure to do so was so devastating that now is time to rebuild from ground up. Others insist it time to stay on course. Challenges are proxy for questions Democratic Party must face over class, race, identity politics and tactics. Women's Movement Must Balance How To Broaden Its Message Without Losing Its Base. Courting white working class could alienate black women still smarting over white women voting for man whom many saw as racist choice that seemed to put racial identity over gender solidarity. Some younger women shun Feminist label altogether. It is not clear how far tent can stretch without leaving some outside. Overall Struggle Is To Stay Relevant In Age Of Trump.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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