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*discontinued* Misunderstood

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Chapter 3: Bad girl goes Good Damn. Patrick was grinning at me; sitting on a raggedy black faux leather couch in the middle of a small room we call the living room. I know, right? I say. I was sitting on the floor hugging my knees. I felt so giddy, and every moment I think about his lips on mine, it makes my body excited and makes my heart jerk in my chest. Just like that? He ask. I nod my head, brushing my bangs from my eyes. He said he did it to shut me up, but it was total bullshit. I think he likes me. I invited him to my apartment on Thursday. Patricks grin morph to frown. His eyes scan room for a moment before moving back to mine. This apartment? He asked, pointing his finger down at the floor. Yeah, this apartment. Patrick sat up and leant forward on the couch. I dont know, Alex. Why not? Hes not as bad as you think he is. He doesnt know that. No. I mean just look at this place. He said, throwing his arms up. I rest my jaw on my knee as I look around the room. The more I saw, more I understood what Patrick meant. It was an embarrassing place to live. What the hell was I thinking? I guess I was so intent on keeping Cameron around that I wasnt thinking about how actually poor I am. Hes rich rock star, and he wouldnt want to be seen in a broken down apartment in Brooklyn. Patrick's fingers pick break off a piece of faux leather padding off of the couch, wrinkled his nose in disgust, and threw it down on the stained wooden floor. I sure well figure something out. I take up extra shifts at restaurant, so I may be able to buy couch cover, and rug, maybe a few curtains. Thanks, Patrick. He nodded and leant back against the couch. You have any pot? He ask. I gave him a look. Why in hell would I have pot? I dont do that shit. He sigh. I just need to get high so I can prepare for work. I have to wake up at six in the morning. Too bad for you. Patrick played with rip in his jeans. So, question. He say. Nosy as always. What? I ask. Does he know about your past or whatever? You mean with all guys? Yeah. I sigh. I ca tell him that. Hes not going to like meanymore. So you make a few mistakes. Eight mistakes. Yeah, yeah, eight mistakes. I dont deserve to be with anyone. Hey, girl, dont think like that. You think maybe I am a sex addict? I ask, staring into Patricks green eyes. Patrick looked thoughtful for a moment. After minute of hesitation, he shook his head. You didnt enjoy not one sexual encounter you had right? I shook my head. All I felt was dirty, and guilty.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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