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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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F JUNE 4 1978 G3 AUTOMOBILES BOSTON SUNDAY GLOBE AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES-iw'uljjui. Ijiin-Nnn mrm1 wit-r 1 r'rrit ri-tl r-WMlww-II Onrnina, ny TO CHOOSE FROM-S '1 tffV; '. Mi wi ' W M IT!. U L J5-'000JMr:. L,.-,. Ini., LlWl,. W, ia, rr. Mtm-i1im, lminmniir-niri,. IirMvy-ilr1-ft'rrm'lf-'rf T '-1i'-. Inraiin-iiiT-II-Mw M-vimitjwiirt. Iir. Fta-ia 'y ' T '. ' T; '. '.! '. T J '., In in r V iwi I-r J ' www. Im5 ' I ' II 'ni' iiii I ' I wflrt-MHWwn M-V '-Mull I., I-. R TTliii. I T e r ilSTOM 4 DOOR SEDANS I QABRE CUSTOM W r FACTORY Air LOW MILEAGE rental CARS 1977 DATSUN B210 2 DR. SEDANS AUTOMATIC LOW MILEAGE I Ci icii uqi O-S MANY TO CHOOSE FROM If I F V-8 FACTORY ONE r JT.-1976 Bllisv sKYURK4Don; C! I. Owner, rv OR? 1977 BUICK REGAL COUPE V6, tact, Air, rental. STK. 4274. 4795 1977 BUICK SKYLARK 3695 4-DR., V6, ac, 4 TO CHOOSE FROM STK. PG137A, PG113A. PG120A, PG123A. 1975 BilciEiKtnCuioi 2-DR. HT, FULL pow. Fact, ac STK. 4201. 1976 FORD T-Biri FULL pow., Fact, Air STK. 4265. '6695 1975 CHRYSLER CORDOBA CPE. Fact, air, very cln. 1976 BUICK CENTURY 4-DR., AUTO., Ps, pb, ac STK. 8687A '3695 1976 CHEVROLET CAPRICE 2-DR. H I., Fact, Air STK. 8443A '3495 1973 QLDSMQ3ILE DELTA 88 4-DR. HT, fact, Air STK. 4265. '2595 1975 CHEV. CAMPER VAN 8-track STEREO, ps. Pb, crpt. 1974 DATSUN B210 2-DR. CPE., 4-spd. STK. D8331A. '2095 1975 DODGE BART 4-DR. SEDAN, fact, Air STK. S8880A s3295 1971 MERC. MONTEREY 2-DR. HT, AUTO., Ps, ac 1976 CHEVROLET VEEA WGX. 4-spd., Extra fancy STK. D8129A '2495 1976 LlttCOLK MARK CPE. '8395 FULL POWER, fact.! R, extra clean STK. 4373. 1976 HONDA CC ACCORD S-spd., Extra clean. 1977 BUICK CENTURY WGN 9 pass. Fact, Air STK. 4215 '5395 1973 BUICK LESABBE 4 DR. HT AUTO ps, pb ac, STK. 8992A '2495 1975 TRIUMPH TR-6 Rdstr. Like NEW STK. 4194 '4495 19'. CHEVROLET CAMARO CPE AUTO, ps, pb, ac STK. S78-35A '4295 1975 FCRD TORINO 2 DR. HT, AUTO ps, pb 1975 101 COUSAR XR7. Fact, Air, LOW mi. 1973 FORD LTD 4 DR. AUTO, ps, pb, ac STK. 4283 '2595 1976 BUICK RIVIERA CPE FULL pow. Tact, Air. STK. 4375 '5595 1974 DATSUN 710 2 DR. 4 spd. Ttoi 5E 1974 DATSUN ZSOZ CPE 4 spd. STK. SD8131A '4495 1976 OLDS CUTLASS SUPREME 2 DR. CPE, AUTO, ps, pb, ac STK. D8108A '4095 1975 CHEV. VESA HATCHiCK LOW ml. 1977 P0KT1AC FIREBIRD '7495. V Special EDITION TRANS AM, STEREO CB, 4 spd. Plus STK. 4327 1972 BUICK SKYLARK '2295 4 DR., SEDAN, AUTO, ps, pb, ac STK. 8856A 197 & amp; BUICK ELECTRA CUSTOM 4 DR., FULL POWER, ac-. K M nan. K M Mm Mm Mm M M Mm. Mi Mm Mm M bp r M M Mm Mm M m'. M '4095La 4595s, T. E '4395, '1995 '4895U, 'Z995-54. Os-, Z48-I Vii.-Iimnii. Iii. Iiiiiu. I am in II Mm Jlli. Udi minm om.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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