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0031 Film Review The Man With The Golden Gun

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Last Updated: 09 December 2020

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Few will argue that MAN WITH GOLDEN GUN is the silliest of all James Bond motion pictures. From the return appearance of Sheriff JW Pepper to the ridiculous martial arts fight where two schoolgirls best dozens, this 007 adventure consistently skirts self-parody. Yet, after the dreariness Of Live and Let Die, upbeat change-Of-pace is refreshing. And, while million-dollar-ashot hitman Scaramanga isn't typical Bond villain, he's closer than anyone from previous film. This is Roger Moore's second outing as Bond, and, while he still hasn't fully grown into the role, he's more comfortable here than in Live and Let Die, showing signs of unique characterization. All the regular supporting players are back: humorless M, crusty Q, and ever-faithful Moneypenny. MAN WITH GOLDEN GUN has two parallel plots that eventually dovetail into one. The main story deals WITH Bond's attempts to find ace hitman Scaramanga before an elusive assassin fires a bullet WITH 007 at it. Meanwhile, Scaramanga and the British government are both in pursuit of a vital component for solar energy converter. Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake, since whoever builds this converter will have carte blanche where solar power is concern. Christopher Lee, consummate bad Guy from Hammer's horror films, infuses Scaramanga WITH sinister demeanor. In fact, although MAN WITH GOLDEN GUN is overflowing WITH campiness, Lee never participates. Scaramanga is play straight: egotistical hermit who kills for sport and harbors secret admiration for 007. There are two Bond girls: Britt Ekland as Mary Goodnight, 007's inept assistant, and Maud Adams as Andrea, Scaramanga's mistress. Herve Villechaize is on hand as Nick Nack, right-hand MAN to Scaramanga. Soon Taik Oh is Hip, Bond's local contact. Clifton James makes an encore appearance as buffoon JW Pepper, this time vacationing in the Far East. He joins Bond in one of the film's best sequences, spectacular car chase that ends WITH Scaramanga literally flying away. Rarely do MAN WITH GOLDEN GUN take anything seriously. Mary Goodnight is as clumsy as they come. Pepper and Nick Nack are cartoonish. There are more jokes-per-minute than in any other Bond film. Even John Barry's score is less earnest than usual, and the opening song is ridiculous. Regardless, and despite the unnecessarily protract denouement that had me wondering if the film was ever going to end, MAN WITH GOLDEN GUN is still fun. It's about as far from Ian Fleming's vision of superspy as filmed interpretations have ever get, but for those who expect light, totally-unbelievable escapism, this movie does its part. Yes, it's weak entry in the series, but there's enough good, totally silly stuff here to keep it from absolute bottom. MAN WITH GOLDEN GUN certainly isn't worth $1 million, but it's fine for the price of video rental.

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