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Last Updated: 04 January 2021

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Revolution After being tired of playing as a girl, I begin guy character. This character would reflect myself and not a false image. My real life friend was proud of me starting guy character, and so was I. This character could finally resemble WHO I am. Name When I quit iBlackRose, I had thing FOR anime franchise,. Hack. I had an idea in mind of being something similar to Twin Blade, companion TO BlackRose, Kite. I tried TwinBlade and anything that could resemble IT. Unfortunately, I could never find a usable IGN. I recall anime / manga called King of Bandits, Jing. This title holds more meaning TO me than probably TO you. This name means dedication. If I were TO be King of Bandits in Maple, I would have TO pursue IT with EVERY determination I had. The title IS what makes my character today. Of course, I tried TO name IT BanditJing, But IT didnt work. Intertwining with my preferences with this NEW character, I had attributes to Twin Blade from. Hack, using daggers, and reference TO King of Bandits, Jing. NOW, I plan TO push my goal even farther, and shoot FOR level 80 and above. With these attributes and goals in mind, PirateJing was born. Alliance I had guild under iBlackRose before PirateJing was born. It was called Pirates. It wasnt so big yet and I believe IT had 15 or 20 members AT TIME; I ca entirely recall. My first main friends were 00Berry00 and KingCor. KingCor had made a NEW character from his Hunter, PrinceCor. We call him Cor FOR short. Cor and I begin around SAME level, and do pretty much everything together. There was nothing we didnt do apart. 00Berry00, of course, we call him Berry, was higher level than Cor and I. Berry was never really in the picture yet. Another player in my guild was a girl I know in real life. Her name she went by was meeIon. And she made a bandit with me. Capiltal I resemble her first character, Meelon. Trio, Cor, Meelon, and I, all level together, Party quest, train, and hunt together. Though Meelon had a busy life, she slowly drifted away from the picture. Advancement Soon enough, I became level 30 Bandit, something Ive never achieved before. This was my fourth Character ever TO reach second job. Eventually, Cor follows behind and becomes an Assassin. The Month of May has come along and here begin essentially start of loss of friend. Cor get ground from playing on MapleStory because of his bad grades in school. He was out FOR two-four weeks as I progress without him. Unfortunately, my grades suffered as well. When I hit level 35, IT was the SAME exact level. I left my Cleric in Broa, VanilIa, and my Fighter, iBlackRose. This was a curse I must overcome. And when I hit 36, levels begin TO fly by.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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