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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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I find the way she talks very annoying. She would say whole bunch of words together really fast and then emphasize one or two words. Example: When Sybil was in labor and they were talking about what to do. Cora said to Robert:. You're being ridiculous-obviouslywehavetotalkto TOM. ' Another time was when she said about Edith and Bertie:. There's still Marigold. She hasn't told him yetandshemustiftheyaretohaveany CHANCE of HAPPINESS. ' I don't know why she spoke like this but it was so annoying. While I thoroughly enjoy the series, does anyone else find the story line of Marigold completely unbelievable? Even though Lord & Lady Grantham were more liberal than other aristocrats of their day, there is absolutely no way they would have allowed Edith to keep an illegitimate baby, no matter how much they might have loved her. Especially as the whole point of aristocracy was blood lines, inheritance and legitimacy. For Earl's daughter to give birth out of wedlock would have meant she would have been forced to give child up for adoption. End of story. To not do so would have caused such a scandal, entire family would have been outcasts. She wouldn't have been 'lady by birth', because no one ever called her by any aristocratic title; she was only known as 'Mrs. Pelham'. Had she been the daughter of a nobleman, she would have retained the title of 'Lady' even if she had married a Commoner. Much as Lady Mary retains her title even after marrying Henry. Even though she had no official title, Mrs. Pelham's social status would have gone up somewhat as mother of Marquess, but certainly not equivalent had she bore title 'Marchioness' herself. I too found the room scene' unrealistic, as Mrs. Pelham would not have been social intimates of most of people in that room. It's possible that in the time between when Bertie inherits title and when he gets back together with Edith, that Mrs. Pelham hosted several dinners or parties at the castle and got to know some of them better. But all in all, I find her character far too obtrusive given the fact that she was in no position to not accept Edith as Bertie's choice for wife. In reality, they could have easily banished her from the castle had she persist.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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