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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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Feb. 11 marks anniversary of Buster Douglas 42-to-1 upset vs. Mike Tyson, one of biggest longshot victories ever in head-to-head competition. But as with all upset tales, Douglas over Tyson has taken on life of its own after that Thirty years later, there is plenty to clear up about 42-to-1 odds story. 1. All sportsbooks offer odds on when Tyson will knock out Douglas, but only one Mirage offers bettors chance to bet on Tyson or Douglas straight-up. We were booking Tyson fights and, as he continued to crush people, underdogs were going from 6-to-1 to 8-to-1, recall Jimmy Vaccaro, head bookmaker at Mirage at time. At some point, like what point in offering it anymore. Its like, who would offer moneyline Centenary vs Alabama if theyre 65-point underdog? Most Popular Bet Across Vegas Was For Tyson To Drop Douglas And End Fight In Either Round 2 Or 3. 2. Anything offered above 10-to-1 would have made Douglas biggest heavyweight underdog of all time. Prior to Tyson-Douglas, greatest underdog to win heavyweight title was James Braddock, known to many as Cinderella Man, beating Max Baer in 1935. Braddock was 10-to-1 underdog. Pre-fight clippings are hilarious to read now because they are such cold take, none colder than Orlando Sentinel columnist Brian Schmitz, who, in his column day before fight, wanted to charge fight promoter Don King with fraud. Write Schmitz: When youre trying to persuade people to believe Douglas has chance, false advertising is encourage, if not time-honor tradition fight racket. 4. No matter how high Mirage raise odds, bets on Tyson keep coming in. With Douglas at 27-1 Tyson at 1-27, Vaccaro said he got bet on Tyson. It was 000 bet to win 2 000. He then raised it 31-1 on Douglas and 1-31 on Tyson. I get something like 93 000 bet on Tyson win 3 000, Vaccaro say. It was seen as such sure thing. Vaccaro said what made his position so unique was that, unlike so many of his other compatriots in Vegas, he didnt have to with executives upstairs to make these moves. He had authority to them himself. 5. Douglas was offered at 42-to-1, but bet was never made at that price. Bettor do take at 1-to-42. I take 1 500 bet from wiseguy at 38-to-1, Vaccaro say. I remember him saying me, No fighter deserves that much respect. ' Vaccaro said biggest bet he received on Tyson was 168 000 to win 4 000. He told me he be back to collect money, Vaccaro say. He obviously didnt come back. 6. Signs that Tyson vulnerable were there. They were just ignore. Tyson came to Japan month before fight and didnt want to train. All I was interested in was partying and fing women, Tyson later say.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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