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Last Updated: 18 January 2022

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PROGRESS-REVIEW Wednesday, March 24 1971 LEGAL Here IT is March 19 and another white cover on ground. FOR those of who have lost track of how much snow are leave, IT is ten. Another happy thought to add to this bit of information is fact that next ten should produce total of fifteen more inches. Going back to convention and contest we had at. And Last week, I would like to tell you about proficiency Awards that we had enter. Steve C. Miller entered District sheep award Contest and received gold. Awards are given on basis of gold, silver, bronze and participation. Steven J. Miller won state dairy award and received silver. John Nichols joined AG Mechanics and Sam Edsill Home improvement division at state level and County Board continued Thomoj Kngon, 414. 90; Harold E. Me-Marine, Clarence F. Orto, 4i. 05; Howard R. Porteraon, DW ii Howard L. Peltritn, David iff. Prlnty. M. Suuell SchuCz 412 to. Robert K. SCQBBln, 44t. 07; Corl 5. Scotl, 4I6JO; Howard Scrlbner, 435. 00; Henry M. Thompson, 37X70; Edword Welehers, 4C2. 0D; Hinry R. Wc. Scrl, KOO; Robert G. Welitrl. A«12. A«0; Korl J. WelWn, 3m. Io; Rozell Harry Jaquilh, UU; Harry E. 410a«; jorr'k Cordon Bronn, 378. 05; John Anlhony Jor-cmitn, 401. 14; Dexter Lovcrn Ackerman,. Ll. Ii; Jaseph W. Dllley, 3a» | 70; on Hie Clinton jerua«n, 421. N; Lorry Wfjiendorf, M1JO; Jeue Damel WI4-dil, 223. 15; Mlchoel-Davis. 220 W; William. Pclmtr, 4ISW; Donald 3I | M. Btck. Rooff, Soae, both received bronze for their efforts. This is first year that we have entered these contests so I was really pleased with results. Go lo Cedar Fall Last night with Craig Blocker to Soil Conservation Speech FOR Black Hawk County. There was total of five all from La Porte City. Winner Was Ray Temeyer. It took hour to get there and little over hour to get back Home wasn't sure at times if we would make IT Home. It was really bad. I don't think that they had plow out. If they do lhe were either long way ahead of us or long way behind us. We couldn't tell FOR sure where edge of road was Plans are in full swing FOR FFA Awards Banquet which willl be held on Friday N I G H t. M R C H 26 Tim Burke, New Hampton, this year's state FFA president will be main speaker Hope to have nice night and good turn out If you would L:! E to come and have not made reservations, call school right now and them in. They should have been in yesterday, but we take few right now hay; none. Resolution adopt on mohon and vole Ihe metilng od-1 lo one tMrty o'cloe * M. Waterloo, Iowa, January 11, Ml PM. Itit Board of Supervisor!

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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