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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Da RECORD f lorn WEATHER Probably C rrslh. V5 JLJiL III complete HOPEH COtiOUESTS T0IEM1 'Permanent Government Basis start To-Ignore China's Claims To Sovereignity in Rich Section CHANGLU SALT FIELDS take by INVASION Japs MAY Abandon TIENTSIN CUSTOM Office and Hake Tangku Entry Port TIENTSIN, Aug. 9. UP WHILE Japanese Army complete its conquest OF northeastern HOPEH province FROM China today, Japanese administrators move slowly toward establishment of permanent civil government that would ignore Chinese 'claims to sov-ereismtv OVER rich region Japanese brigade OF 3 000 Men I I!-4 nifir Patrtlnfr yesterday with 50 trunks, 10 heavy and five lieht tanks and considerable cavalry, take ancient capital OF China's Manchu emperors under its protection and make It, for all prt:-tical purposes, Japanese CITY. ' Japanese troops, command bv Mai. Gen. T. Kawabe, parading along boulevards and under arches of triumph that proclaim imperial China's glories. Then various units deploy throughout the CITY, taking UP their garrison duties. TIENTSIN, Army headquarters OF Japanese who have wrest northeastern HOPEH FROM Chinese troops To Month OF undeclared war, judiciary, police and com. Munication administrations were brought under complete Japanese control. The Japanese co-commissioner OF Chinese S-It monopoly announced he had taken charge OF TIENTSIN administration District, including CHANGLU SALT FIELDS, One OF riches in China. Municipal rovernments OF Peiping and TIENTSIN, formerly under the control OF the Chinese cabinet AT Nanking, have been placed in the hands OF Japanese form and support peace preservation so-fr cieties. Their aim, like HOPEH '.-Chahar provincial advisory commit-;. Tees, is to register opposition to the advance OF troops OF the Chinese Government into HOPEH and mauv; tain friendly relations with Japan. Usefulness OF TIENTSIN's mayor, Gen. Chang Tzu-Crtmg, As wedge to split arm D opposition to Japanese advance has enaec and he is being allowed to retire. This enabled Japan to change the HOPEH-Chahar political council established by the Nanking governmentto advisory committees to which Japanese have ap pointed survivors OF mandarin class under the Manchu emperors. There was speculation as to whether the NEW regime was paving the way for the last OF that line, Hsuan Tung, former boy Emperor, to return to the Dragon throne. Since 1931, Japan has main tained him as Emperor Kang Teh on the throne OF Manchoukuo. Tactics used in establishing the current regime, Chinese charge, are identical to those used in changing the Government OF Manchuria to Manchoukuo before Kang Teh was place on the throne. Chinese speculate on the possibility Kang Teh might rule combine Manchoukuo and North China FROM Peiping. Japanese intimate they had saved BANK OF HOPEH FROM ool-continue on third Page today's DIVERSIONS Paramount: Singing Marine. Strand: ever Since Eve. RED BANK Carlton: Singing Marine. ' Strandr ever since Eve. ASBURY PARK Mayfair: you can't Have Everything. Paramount: wee Willie Winkle.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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