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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Juvi is actually my favorite wrestler, and I was truly hoping that he and Rey would have classic ariel bouts like this one in WWE when Juvi finally came in around mid 2005. It could've been done too, but WWE was too focused on distancing Rey from the Cruiserweight division, and having him be more of a main eventer by the time Juvi came in. In fact, only time Rey and Juvi were even seen on television together during Juvi's short time in WWE, was when Rey faced Super Crazy on SmackDown taping, where Crazy was managed by Juvi and Psicosis. Looking at this match here, it's just a damn shame that WWE never thought to put these two in at least a few matches together when they were both with company. If you smell what Juice is cooking! What gets me every time I think about Rey Mysterio going to WWE was that everyone and their mothers were like cool, That means Cruiserweight division's going to be kick ass!. And yet, minute he's brought over, he gets into a feud with Kurt Angle and do into a tag team scene with Edge. Don't get me wrong: I enjoyed those bouts and I also know that a lot of WWE wrestlers were pushing to have matches with Rey, but it just seems strange that they brought in one of the most influential cruiserweights that helped revolutionize the division, only to. Not let him get involved in the CW scene until, what, his second year? I was looking forward to seeing Juvi, Psicosis, and Rey tear it up again, but nope. How hell they both get up from power bombs and pile drivers like that and how do they even deliver such moves with ease? They didn't feel pain even if they were cruiser weights. Anyhow, it was a very good match between 2 of the most athletic wrestlers. I like them both and their high-flying moves. Juventud Gurrera used to be my favorite wrestler from WCW. I miss him peaceinstiches you seen man back in the 90s. Fans in us didnt care about good wrestling, They only cared about storylines. Attitude Era was the cause of that. People would rather see 20 minutes of Hogan or Austin kicking and punching each other than see Jericho Mysterio Juve EG put on a 5 star classic. It was pretty sad. Wrestling as a whole is so uninteresting that people have to depend on match quality only he lose it to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall in the hair vs mask match at superbrawl 9. Then Konnan and him started a filthy animal stable with Billy Kidman and started no-limit style thing or whatever and thug style. Idk what horns are 4 I always thought it was kool though.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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