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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Aurora I go TO SLEEP without checking Fire-Nice night TO die frozen when I wake UP That relief TO actually wake UP, there still 2. 5h Fire time, thanks TO outside BONUS? Spend day crafting arrowheads while making water. I find SO many scraps, I wonder about doing the hatchet. I have knife, 12 arrowheads, and 9 scraps. My brain tells me a hatchet IS useless since I can hacksaw limbs and saplings, plus I have a toolbox TO repair hacksaw, and I have a prybar and hammer FOR fishing holes. I decided TO go all way on arrowheads, 'll never BE back AT forge, even IF I am sure I wo BE able TO lose / lose SO many arrows. I M surprised I didnt find tools in here nearby crows ARE FOR deer carcass, these 1. 2kg OF meat WILL help me heal before I travel back. Explore Muskeg BUT, find scrap, and lantern. I dont know IF I harvest it, already have 30 arrowheads. 1 0H SLEEP-heal under herbal influence, FROM 28% TO 66%. Lots OF auroras in Muskeg. Maybe that is why it is SO wolfy? Muskeg ask YOU TO come WITH a flashlight? R epair coat. Sounds like a very decent coat, this Simple Parka. Anyway, AT-46C air temperature like this morning, clothing IS purely decorative. S leep-heal until around 2PM, weather IS really nice, warm light fog. That now or never. ONE Wolf I occupy WITH deer. Travel until tunnel gives 2 birchs saplings, ONE suprise-Wolf near exit: I sprint and hide behind rock once I ca sprint anymore. Breaking LINE OF sight IS efficient and Mother Nature lets me live BIT more. When I arrive AT tunnel, I lose around 30% health, BUT cant stop: Its gonna BE dark in 2h, and hyporisk IS ONLY AT 34%. I arrive without difficulties before night, WITH hyporisk around 50%. This warm fog takes me in its arms like loving grandma. I spent match on torch-Fire, need SOME calories before sleeping, While it cooking I spent my tempbars outside building fatigue and fighting inevitable come-Back OF Cabin Fever. SLEEP FROM 24% TO 58%. Wasnt tired enough TO heal correctly. I think I have cure Maple, BUT ca find it-maybe I leave it AT Camp? In the evening, I transfer to Camp in nice weather. I am more confident, knowing I have a knife, I go gra B these sticks I didnt dare before, I CHANGE my paths and cross through Deadfall Something. I arrive AT Camp WITH 52 sticks, and 52% health. Maple IS here, on the workbench. C raft arrows, my knife stay AT 100%. 1hour bow crafting IS 2%. Go SLEEP starve, Maybe tomorrow go FOR fishing WITH all my NEW sticks collection? Morning blizzard, craft bow. Full bow craft takes 10% OF your improvised knife. I starve FOR SO long ONLY half my fatigue bar IS AVAILABLE.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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