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1 16 Minecraft Speedrun Record

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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In order to successfully reach the end of Minecraft, players need to get two items that can be crafted into tools to reach the final Portal. One item can be obtained by bartering with unpredictable Piglins, but there's only a small chance that they will give what is needed. The second item is obtained by killing Blazes, which do give greater chance of dropping item, but still not guarantee. On December 11, Geosquare, member of speedrun. The Com verification team, shared video that analyzed Dream's speedrun alongside 29-page report and rejected Dream's record. According to the report, Dream successfully barter for the first key item 42 out of 262 times, and 211 kills result in second item. The verification team note that the likelihood of doing this is very low 1 in 177 billion chance and deem speedrun too unlikely to verify. In the midst of the Minecraft speedrun scandal, Dream gets into hot water for a comment he made during stream with fellow creator Captain Sparklez. When discussing Minecraft players who find loopholes in MCC's Ace Race, Dream say, I say that they are a bunch of cheaters and we lynch them. Twitter user PINKFROSTT shared the clip and explained why lynch was a harmful choice of word. I understand the lighthearted tone, but the word lynching is not the right word to use. This word carries a lot of weight in the black community, PINKFROSTT write. In a lengthy thread, she goes on to explain the history of the word dating back to the civil rights movement and why it has heavy meaning. PINKFROSTT concludes by stating that she does not want to cancel Dream, but instead she wants to hold him and other content creators accountable, as well as educate readers. After being tagged in thread by PINKFROSTT, Dream added a response where he apologizes for his word choice. I realized after I had said it that it wasn't at all the right word for me to use and regretted it instantly. I was thinking of the popular game Town of Salem when I say it. Definitely not okay though, and I apologize for that. Out of my vocabulary, Dream write. Apologys seem to be mostly met with acceptance from fans, who thank Dream for addressing his comment. On the subject of apologies, that same day, Dream tweeted out a statement about comments he previously made about the Minecraft speedrun cheating scandal. I want to apologize to the mod team for some harsh things I've said since the video came out. Although I have reason to be upset, I have no reason to act like a baby. I tend to act before I think when I receive intense criticism, Dream write.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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