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testicular sex cord-stromal tumor in a boy with 2q37 deletion syndrome. "testicular sex cord-stromal tumor in a boy with 2q37 deletion syndrome.", by Sakai Y, Souzaki R, Yamamoto H, Matsushita Y, Nagata H, Ishizaki Y, Torisu H, Oda Y, Taguchi T, Shaw CA, Hara T. F1: Pathological features of the testicular tumor. (A) The hematoxylin-eosin staining for the tumor depicts the oval or spindle-shaped tumor cells that are arranged in sheet-like or focal glandular patterns (arrows). The surrounding structures accompanying...

2q37 deletion syndrome is a problem that can influence many parts of the body. Most children with 2q37 deletion syndrome are birthed with weak muscle mass tone, which usually enhances with age. Unusual physical features are also common in people with 2q37 deletion syndrome. Many people with 2q37 deletion syndrome have particular facial features that can consist of a noticeable forehead, a low frontal hairline, slim eyelids, skin folds covering the internal corner of the eyes, outside edges of the eyes that aim upwards, a small nose, a small mouth with slim lips, a smooth space between the top lip and nose, noticeable cheekbones, a large chin, and small ear problems. Other features of 2q37 deletion syndrome can consist of seizures and an inflammatory skin disorder called dermatitis. A few people with 2q37 deletion syndrome develop unusual type of kidney cancer called Wilms tumor.

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