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nephroprotective effect of astaxanthin against trivalent inorganic arsenic-induced renal injury in wistar rats. "nephroprotective effect of astaxanthin against trivalent inorganic arsenic-induced renal injury in wistar rats.", by Wang X, Zhao H, Shao Y, Wang P, Wei Y, Zhang W, Jiang J, Chen Y, Zhang Z. F4: Hematoxylin and eosin-stained kidney slices from the treated rats. The control rats (A) with normal morphology. The As2O3-treated rats (B) with damaged kidney structure. The As2O3-treated rats fed with AST (C-E) with reduced effects...

The aspartate aminotransferase test is a blood test that checks for liver damages. If you have liver disease and to monitor your treatment, your medical professional could order this test to discover out. AST is an enzyme your liver makes. Normally, AST degrees in your blood are low. A high AST level is a sign of liver damages, but it can suggest you have damage to another organ that makes it, like your heart or kidneys. That's why doctors typically do the AST test together with tests of other liver enzymes. You drink a lot of alcohol. Your doctor may also want you to get this test to see if treatments you take for liver disease are functioning. The AST test is also part of a detailed metabolic panel-- a blood test your medical professional does as part of a regular exam. Tell your physician what supplements or drugs you take.

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