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Last Updated: 13 April 2022

Most pilots believe their FBO or flight school has aviation insurance. And if you're responsible for destroying the rental plane as a result of a hard landing or worse, the FBO and your insurance company may have the right to come after you to recover the money lost in order to repair or replace it. Finding the right insurance can be daunting, and finding the wrong insurance can ground you financially and otherwise. Although plane owners need extensive insurance for their planes, pilots renting aircraft from clubs, flight schools, and other rental agencies are very cheap and relatively inexpensive for pilots renting aircraft from clubs, flight schools, and other rental agencies. You charter an aircraft and the pilot is furnished by the aircraft manufacturer; a student pilot flying in someone else's aircraft; and a sole factory pilot flying an aircraft; and an accident survivor of an aircraft without an accident; Even accompanied by the aircraft's pilot, the passengers may also be injured; or, depending on the situation, passengers may be injured; and, depending on the policy, passengers may be included passengers. Student pilots must also have their own insurance before starting any solo training in the FBO's aircraft, which is also mandatory for student pilots.

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