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genomic deletion of cngb3 is identical by descent in multiple canine breeds and causes achromatopsia. "genomic deletion of cngb3 is identical by descent in multiple canine breeds and causes achromatopsia.", by Yeh CY, Goldstein O, Kukekova AV, Holley D, Knollinger AM, Huson HJ, Pearce-Kelling SE, Acland GM, Komáromy AM. F3: Ocular fundus, chromatic pupillary light reflexes, and electroretinogram of a day-blind MAS. A. Compiled image of the normal ocular fundus of the day-blind MAS. B. Chromatic pupillary light reflexes. i. Day-blind MAS: Normal pupillary...

Achromatopsia is a problem characterized by a overall or partial lack of color vision. Achromatopsia also involves other problems with vision, consisting of an increased sensitivity to light and glow, involuntary back-and-forth eye motions, and substantially lowered sharpness of vision. Affected people can have farsightedness or, less typically, nearsightedness. Achromatopsia is different from the more common forms of color vision shortage, in which people can view shade but have trouble identifying between specific colors, such as red and environment-friendly.

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