Acquired Lipodystrophy

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022
barraquer-simons syndrome: a rare form of acquired lipodystrophy. "barraquer-simons syndrome: a rare form of acquired lipodystrophy.", by Oliveira J, Freitas P, Lau E, Carvalho D. Fig1: Progressive facial lipoatrophy with loss of buccal fat pads...

Acquired lipodystrophy is a basic term for types of lipodystrophy that are not inherited, but rather acquired at some time during life. In many cases, metabolic problems connected with insulin resistance can develop. Lipodystrophy is a basic term for a group of disorders that are identified by complete or partial loss of fat. ACQUIRED GENERALIZED LIPODYSTROPHY Individuals with this type of lipodystrophy experience the loss of subcutaneous fat from the face, neck, and legs and arms. The overall level and pattern of weight loss in AGL is very variable and can differ significantly from one individual to another. The loss of bone marrow fat seldom occurs. Fat loss connected with AGL may occur swiftly over a couple of weeks or slowly over several months or perhaps years. Weight loss can be serious. Individuals with AGL typically develop extreme insulin resistance, which can result in a selection of metabolic problems. Affected people may develop acanthosis nigricans, a skin condition defined by unusually increased pigmentation and creamy enlarging of the skin, particularly of skin fold regions, such as of the neck and groin and under the arms. Fatty build-up of the liver in individuals with AGL is usually serious and can cause damage and scarring to the liver and, eventually, liver dysfunction. In some patients, liver enhancement might be due to autoimmune hepatitis. After adolescence, some women with AGL might develop polycystic ovary disorder. PCOS is defined by an imbalance of sex hormonal agents. Hair may develop on the upper lip and chin. Individuals with panniculitis-associated AGL usually have a less serious type of the disorder. Individuals with panniculitis-associated AGL might have less severe fat loss and metabolic issues. Fat loss in panniculitis-associated AGL may be local to a specific part of the body. Lipodystrophy in panniculitis-associated AGL is preceded by the advancement of excruciating subcutaneous nodules or lesions including small places or bumps. ACQUIRED PARTIAL LIPODYSTROPHY This type of acquired lipodystrophy usually has onset during youth. Around, one fourth of people with APL at some point develop a kidney disorder recognized as membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis, which is identified by swelling and degeneration of the small clusters of capillary in the special structures called renal glomeruli that filter the blood as it travels through the kidneys. Macular deterioration is a basic term for a group of eye disorders characterized by the degeneration of the oval-shaped yellow place near the center of the retina. HIGH ACTIVE ANTIRETROVIRAL THERAPY INDUCED LIPODYSTROPHY This type of lipodystrophy occurs in individuals with human immunodeficiency virus after getting antiretroviral therapy known as HIV-1 protease inhibitor-containing HAART. Fat loss obtains gradually worse with ongoing HAART therapy and does not reverse when the therapy is ceased. People might be at an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease. LOCALIZED LIPODYSTROPHY This form of lipodystrophy is defined by subcutaneous weight loss in a small area of the body only. Localized lipodystrophy may result at the website of a medication injection. Affected people have a loss of subcutaneous fat in the affected area that presents as a dimple or crater with overlapping skin usually unaffected.

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