Acute Kidney Injury

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Last Updated: 06 May 2022
tubule-specific ablation of endogenous β-catenin aggravates acute kidney injury in mice. "tubule-specific ablation of endogenous β-catenin aggravates acute kidney injury in mice.", by Zhou D, Li Y, Lin L, Zhou L, Igarashi P, Liu Y. F5: Tubule-specific ablation of β-catenin promotes apoptosis and Bax expression after acute kidney injury(a, b) Tubule-specific loss of β-catenin aggravates apoptosis in acute kidney injury. (a) Representative micrographs show apoptotic cell death detected by TUNEL...

Acute kidney injury is unexpected damages to the kidneys that causes them to not work effectively. This type of kidney damage is usually seen in older people that are weak with other conditions and the kidneys are also affected. The role of the kidneys is to: filter, removing waste and water from the blood; tidy the blood; keep the bones healthy; appearance after blood pressure; promote the bone marrow to make blood. Someone with AKI can wear away rapidly and instantly experience any of the following: nausea or vomiting and vomiting; dehydration; confusion; minimized urine result or changes to urine colour; high blood pressure; abdominal pain; small backache; an accumulation of fluid in the body. Most cases of AKI are triggered by lowered blood flow to the kidneys, usually in somebody who is currently unwell with another wellness problem. It can range from minor loss of kidney function to finish kidney failure. AKI is various from chronic kidney disease, where the kidneys gradually lose function over an extended period of time. The Acute Kidney Injury program sustains fundamental, translational, and clinical researches on pathogenesis, avoidance, and treatment. Basic research addresses renal cell response to acute injury or hazardous exposure, renal vascular modifications, and mechanisms associated with recovery, repair and regeneration. Of rate of interest is research on the natural background of AKI, including studies on risk and outcome stratification, for very early stages and development to chronic kidney disease. Anna B, Sadusky, Ph. D Kidney Injury and Repair Basic Science; Translational Research; Ivonne H, Schulman, M. D Posted: 4/28/2022 PAR-22-146 Education Program on Translational Devices Summary.

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