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Last Updated: 05 May 2022
a multistep general theory of transition to addiction. "a multistep general theory of transition to addiction.", by Piazza PV, Deroche-Gamonet V. Fig1: Summary of the phases and processes of transition to addiction. Transition to addiction is a progression of three consecutive phases: (1) Recreational, sporadic (ReS) drug use, in which drug intake is moderate and sporadic...

Some people who use cannabis will develop cannabis use disorder, meaning that they are unable to stop using marijuana even though it's causing health and wellness and social troubles in their lives. One study estimated that approximately 3 in 10 people that use marijuana have marijuana use disorder. Another study estimated that people that use marijuana have about a 10% chance of ending up being addicted. The risk of developing cannabis use disorder is greater in people who start utilizing cannabis throughout youth or teenage years and that use cannabis more regularly. People that have marijuana use disorder may additionally be at a higher risk of other negative effects, such as troubles with memory, learning, and attention. Some people that have marijuana use disorder might require to use more and more marijuana or greater focus of marijuana in time to experience a high. The greater the quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol in cannabis, the stronger the impacts the marijuana might have on the brain. In a research of cannabis research samples over time, the typical delta-9 THC focus nearly increased, from 9% in 2008 to 17% in 2017. In a study of products offered in on the internet dispensaries in 3 states with lawful non-medical adult cannabis use, the typical THC concentration was 22%, with a variety of 0% to 45%. Researchers do not yet know the full extent of the consequences when the body and brain are revealed to high concentrations of THC or just how recent increases in concentrations influence the risk of someone developing marijuana use disorder.

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