Age related macular degeneration

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Last Updated: 04 May 2022

Age-related macular degeneration is an eye disease that is a leading reason for vision loss in older people in developed nations. The vision loss in this condition results from a gradual damage of light-sensing cells in the tissue at the rear of the eye that spots light and shade. Side vision and evening vision are typically not affected, but sluggish modification of vision to darkness and minimized dark light vision often occur in the very early stages of the disease. Dry age-related macular degeneration normally affects vision in both eyes, although vision loss often happens in one eye before the other. For factors that are vague, age-related macular degeneration impacts individuals of European descent more often than African Americans in the United States. This is the part of the eye that manages your central, detailed vision. AMD is the leading reason for vision loss in adults over age 50. Side vision remains clear. There are 2 types of AMD: damp and dry. Over time, your central vision may slowly intensify. You may see wavy lines and empty places in the center of your vision. There is no way to recover vision lost from completely dry AMD. Damp AMD is less common, but more major. Vision loss may be much faster and more obvious. It's crucial to locate wet AMD early. Specific treatments may aid to reduce additional vision loss or even enhance vision. You might not notice vision loss for a long time if you have early AMD. When the macula obtains thinner with age, this is. And if you have late completely dry AMD in only 1 eye, you can take actions to safeguard your other eye. Wet AMD, is a less common type of late AMD that usually causes faster vision loss. The symptoms of AMD depend on the stage. Ask your physician just how commonly you need to get eye examinations.

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