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Last Updated: 21 April 2022

The Ahamkara, a strange group of shapeshifting animals that were hunted to extinction hundreds of years ago, is one of Destiny's strangest and possibly coolest parts of the lore. Paracausal Energy, a mysterious power that has influenced Destiny 2's universe. That's the Light and the Darkness that grant player Guardians their space magic superpowers, emanating from the god-like entities known as the Traveler and the pyramid ships that make up the Black Fleet. The Great Hunt ended with, apparently, all the Ahamkara dead, except for the one Mara ruled. Savathun contacted Riven and convinced the Ahamkara to join forces with her, and that's what the Last Wish mission is all about. Mara's technologyeuns, the special witches that helped her beat Riven and do all the other cool stuff she does, said that cleansing Riven was part of Mara's planned for later. Mara has agreed to assist Savathun in getting rid of her worm, which will keep her from being all evil with the Hive all the time. The Wall of Wishes, a Mara and the techeuns' gadget that was made specifically so Mara and the rest of the world Mara could make wishes without being all twisted, is another. According to Ikora Rey, who once wanted to know more about Ahamkara and was granted by one, the primary aim of the Ahamkara is to become more presentable or to transcend their current reality in some way; in that sense, they refer to the path by which they intend to achieve this goal as the Anathematic Arc. The Awaken have extensive knowledge of the Ahamkara area, with some reports claiming that the Awakened found them living within the Dreaming City's rocky planetoid used to build the Dreaming City's foundations. The Awakn discovered that mirrors and other reflective surfaces could be used to see through an Ahamkara's illusions, enabling them to strategically position polished, reflective geodes as countermeasures in certain areas of the Dreaming City in certain regions. The first Ahamkara to be discovered by the Awoken was a teenage Riven, who was brought to the Queen by her brother, in the search of a power that would allow them to create an Awoken city in the Reef. Bones from Ahamkara, Skull of Dire Ahamkara, and Claws of Ahamkara are all very useful and are used in a number of Guardion weapons systems, including Young Ahamkara's Spine, Skull of Dire Ahamkara. Only one Ahamkara has physically appeared in Destiny; Riven of a Thousand Voices, the main antagonist of Forsaken, as well as the final boss of the Last Wish mission; only one Ahamkara has appeared in Destiny. Different body parts of a few Ahamkara indivuduals have been used to build some Guardian gear. Plating the Ahamkara bones in silver helps to reduce auditory hallucinations. Mine is the only one of those that do not win, and many of those who do not win are from me.

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