Airborne Transmission

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Last Updated: 04 May 2022
amino acid substitutions in the neuraminidase protein of an h9n2 avian influenza virus affect its airborne transmission in chickens. "amino acid substitutions in the neuraminidase protein of an h9n2 avian influenza virus affect its airborne transmission in chickens.", by Lv J, Wei L, Yang Y, Wang B, Liang W, Gao Y, Xia X, Gao L, Cai Y, Hou P, Yang H, Wang A, Huang R, Gao J, Chai T. Fig1: Gene schematic diagrams and 3D-structure of H9N2 neuraminidase used in this study. (A) Gene schematic diagrams of SD01, SS94 and recombinant virus. The blue and red bars indicate the genes originating from SD01 and...

For a hantavirus to cause HPS, the virus must take a trip from the rats that bring it to an individual. When an individual breathes in the hantavirus from the air, a common way this occurs is. Say you have a storage room in your house that you hardly ever enter. At some time, a group of deer mice discover their way into the area, searching for places to construct nests. They found their way into the space through a fracture, deer mice can press with holes as small as a t shirt button! Some mice chew via the textile of an old elbow chair and develop a nest inside it. A few of these mice are infected with the hantavirus. The infected mice do not show any signs of being sick. Out in the environment such as this, the virus can live for several days. On the other hand, you make a decision to tidy up your storage area. You get a broom and move up the mess since you find mouse droppings and some of the furnishings stuffing the mice have used as nesting material. As you move around and move, little particles of fresh urine, droppings and saliva, with the virus in them, get kicked up into the air. Due to the fact that the virus is spread when virus-containing bits are mixed up into the air, an essential HPS avoidance tactic in areas showing signs of rats is to prevent actions that elevate dirt and to carefully wet the area down with disinfectant. The less chance the virus has to get into the air, the less chance it will be taken in!

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