Alameda County Property Tax

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Last Updated: 19 January 2022

Every year, the Assessor is in charge of the identification and evaluation of all taxable business personal property located in Alameda County beginning on January 1st. Because of the assessor's reappraisal of property on a pro-rata basis, the supplemental tax bill retroactively taxes it on a pro-rata basis as a result of the assessor's reappraisal of the property at its full cash value until a change of ownership occurs or new construction is completed. An uncertain supplemental assessment is an adjustment in real property value resulting from increases in assessed value as a result of shifts in ownership or completion of new construction where the assessment is not a lien on real property. Unlike real estate, business personal property is not subjected to Pro 13 value limitations and is appraised annually at its fair market value. All California County Assessors operate on a fiscal year, and the 2014 fiscal year is July 1st through June 30th. Unless specifically excluded by law, all property is subject to property tax, unless expressly prohibited by law. The California Constitution states that all real estate is subject to property tax. Leased To Others If you own business real estate that exceeds $100,000 or more, household items and personal effects, items listed for purchase or lease in the normal course of business, or motor vehicles that pay licensing fees to the DMV are all examples of non-taxable personal property. Property Taxes in Alameda County Are Calculated; Tax Rates for Alameda County; How to Pay Alameda County Property Taxes; How to Pay Alameda County Property Taxes Property taxes in Alameda County are based on the assessed value of the property. Pro 13 gives property owners in the Bay Area a welcome relief after seeing the market value of their homes rises at a soaring rate. The real estate tax on the property was priced at 1% of the property's value, according to another Pro 13 feature that benefits property owners. A reputable tax advisor may be able to lead you through some rental property tax deductions that could save you a significant amount off your property tax bill.

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