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Albanian Name

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Last Updated: 21 April 2022

Here is our list of Albanian names for babies in case you want to choose a moniker from this region. Albanian names are unique and apt for those parents looking for a unique name for their baby. Read on to learn more about the Albanian names and find the right name for your baby. Besjana derives from Besiana, Albanian name Podujeva, a city in northeastern Kosovo, where the city is located. After almost a decade, Blerta, a feminine variation of Albanian male name Blerma's male name Blerma', has returned to the top 100 Albanian baby names. Hence, Blinera means the stench of linden trees. ' It is one of the few Albanian baby girl names to boast of a resurgent and lively e' ending. In Konstandini dhe Doruntina, an Albanian ballad, an Albanian ballad, Doruntina was the name of a character. This name of the Albanian supermodel is often used to describe several Slavic names. Luriana is the name of a mountain in Albania's Luriana. Don't you agree that Manjola sounds melodic? Select Marsela for your daughter's first date if your due date is the month of March, which means the month of March. ' Let's get to help you find the correct Albanian name for your boy or girl! This sassy name appears to be an English word, but it has Albanian roots. It is the most true choice of Albanian names for a girl child. This one is the correct pick for you if you're looking for a name that sounds utterly Albanian. May your daughter be kind and generous as well! Your daughter's vibrant name will make her a source of light in every person's life she meets. Your child is a precious gift in your family's life. Fatjeta baby girl name and bless her with a lot of luck as the name implies fortune. ' Name your little one Gezim and bring more joy to your life. This exquisite name from Albania's origins is an excellent choice of name. May your child be happy from both directions! It is such a melodic word, and your baby will bring melody in your life. Your baby girl is a lovely addition to your family's home. This Albanian name is quite popular in India's subcontinent. Back then, four Albanian names ranked within the top ten baby names.

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