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disclosing ambiguous gene aliases by automatic literature profiling. "disclosing ambiguous gene aliases by automatic literature profiling.", by Coimbra RS, Vanderwall DE, Oliveira GC. F2: Vocabulary fingerprint for FADS1 and its aliases. Schematic description of a group-specific informative vocabulary automatically extracted from a text corpus of PubMed abstracts. In this example, two “synonyms” (green arrows) and one “ambiguous” alias...

His personal appeal was big, his fearlessness was undeniable, and he had tactical ability enough to excite everybody. Luis entered into an O'odham pressure that helped the Spanish in among their many battles versus the Seri. The Seri were a native people in the Gulf of California, who were not vulnerable to Spanish material culture and stood up to the cultural influences of Spain. The Spanish might have seen the awards as symbolic, but also for Luis they had blessed him head of all the O'odham people. It might not have been lost on him that Spanish inhabitants were intruding on O'odham land in enhancing numbers, disregarding O'odham property and abusing O'odham workers. The O'odham do not have a warrior culture and there is no conventional interest for battle. According to Roberto Salm n, Luis had stopped working to rally mission O'odham and his management expanded only over those leaders who lacked mission ties. * Only those that denied Spanish authority were enthusiastic about revolt. Northwestern O'odham rejected Luis' authority. In the middle of the threat felt by the frontier inhabitants, the Spanish showed the same divisiveness that made Luis believe they were vulnerable to begin with. Luis arrived in Tubac on March 18, 1752 and promised an allegiance to the King. The Captain that approved his surrender considered him to stand for a warring country and with a truce in place allowed Luis to return to the Catalinas to get his fans. Excellent to his word, Luis returned on March 22 with his partner and 3 children. Luis lost face with his own people for his easy abandonment to the Spanish. Though a new fort was established in the Santa Cruz Valley in June 1752, the soldiers spent their time hunting down pockets of rebels who had developed a hideout in the center of spiritual O'odham nation. Luis evidently spoke of stiring the ashes of rebellion again. Passion among the rebels for his management was doing not have, and thoughtful O'odham kept the Spaniards aware of his stories. In May 1753 the Spanish arrested Luis on uncertainty of plotting a rebellion.

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