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Last Updated: 19 August 2021

It is clear why Kitchen channel is making false about us as it is there attempt to justify why their price is 499 +. Dont get us wrong, we love them as much as fan and appreciate all they do, but their knife offer is not a fair one. We would like to clear a few other false claims. They claim, that the knife is their own is false. This style has been used for decades make my knife makers around world and is known as Serbian chef knife. Yes, most people who are not knife experts and have only seen this knife on Kitchen channel, so they can easily persuaded by these false claims. Kitchen channel people not make knives. They are buying from and reselling. Claim that we are going to run off with money and that our knife will break in 1 day is just plain rubbish. We are true knife makers and have over 30 years of experience to back it and we stand by our customers. We are here to lay any concerns rest, just reach out to our customer support and give us a chance to prove ourselves. What you get from other channel for {matheq}499+ price China Factory Cleaver for{endmatheq} 19 and then they have it trimmed to the end and re-shape handle. Sharpness will not last will need to be constantly resharpened because it is not handed and hardened like ours but is instead made from sheet steel. Its simple…. The Knife they are should be no more than 50 but they are charging 10 times that…. Reshape to > here is a video below that shows how this knife can be made

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