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chronic enzyme replacement therapy ameliorates neuropathology in alpha-mannosidosis mice. "chronic enzyme replacement therapy ameliorates neuropathology in alpha-mannosidosis mice.", by Damme M, Stroobants S, Lüdemann M, Rothaug M, Lüllmann-Rauch R, Beck HC, Ericsson A, Andersson C, Fogh J, D'Hooge R, Saftig P, Blanz J. acn3245-fig-0002: Immune‐tolerant transgenic alpha‐mannosidosis mice are phenotypically indistinguishable from nontransgenic animals. (A) Separation of neutral oligosaccharides extracted from brains of 3‐4 months old wild‐type (+/+), nontransgenic (‐/‐) and transgenic (‐/‐ +tg) mice by TLC shows...

Alpha-mannosidosis is a rare inherited disorder that causes issues in many body organs and tissues of the body. Affected individuals might have intellectual handicap, distinctive face features, and skeletal abnormalities. The skeletal abnormalities that can occur in this disorder include reduced bone density, enlarging of the bones at the top of the head, deformations of the bones in the spine, knock knees, and degeneration of the bones and joints. Some people with alpha-mannosidosis experience psychological symptoms such as anxiety, stress and anxiety, or hallucinations; episodes of psychological disruption might be triggered by stress factors such as having undertaken surgical procedure, psychological trouble, or changes in routine. The symptoms and signs of alpha-mannosidosis can range from mild to extreme. People with this early-onset type of alpha-mannosidosis commonly do not make it through previous youth. In the most severe cases, an affected fetus might die prior to birth. Other people with alpha-mannosidosis experience milder signs and symptoms that show up later and advance more gradually. People with later-onset alpha-mannosidosis might endure into their fifties.

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