Alzheimer's Research

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Last Updated: 01 May 2022

Alzheimer's disease and associated dementias are a series of intricate brain disorders that impact numerous Americans and more worldwide. The National Institutes of Health is composed of Institutes, Centers, and Offices that fund and perform research into all aspects of human wellness. While several of this research occurs in NIH laboratories, the large majority of NIH support is supplied through a competitive grants procedure to establishments and small companies throughout the country. As the country's biomedical research company, the National Institutes of Health sustains research extending from basic biology to drug development to clinical researches to evaluating public wellness end results. Early and clear medical diagnoses of Alzheimer's and related mental deteriorations will enable researchers to develop suitable treatment and prevention approaches based on a person's disease profile. Disease pathways, NIH's research investments to recognize the organic mechanisms that lead to Alzheimer's and related mental deteriorations are fundamental for the exploration of possible drugs that target them. Medication discovery, Thanks to the significant investment in Alzheimer's and relevant dementias research over the past numerous years, NIH has increased drug discovery significantly. Of the many substances in NIH-supported medication development programs for Alzheimer's and associated dementias, 10 drug prospects have now developed via the pipeline, from discovery in the laboratory all the way with preclinical growth, to get to the phase of human testing. NIA presently sustains more than 40 professional trials checking medicine prospects that target various aspects of the disease. Facilities development, NIH is continuously spending in research facilities to advancement Alzheimer's and relevant dementias research.

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