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Animal Food Warehouse

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Animal Food Warehouse


HUDSON Big-box stores can offer a variety and hard-to-beat prices, and owners of small businesses often find it difficult to compete. The rise of chains such as Petco and Pet Supermarket has led to the demise of many small Pet boutiques. But Debbie Spencer, owner of Pet Food Warehouse, continues to fight the trend. While some of Spencer's customers may believe she meet same fate as other small shops, she is no longer at her longtime location in HUDSON Square Pet Food Warehouse is still going strong after moving to Beacon Woods Plaza, just south of Kmart, in early March. It just get too expensive, Spencer says of the store's former location. Move definitely help. Unfortunately, we don't have visibility to US 19 we once do. The new location not only offers Spencer a lower rent, but, at 1 000 Square feet, is slightly larger than her previous storefront. Pet Food Warehouse is an independently owned Pet Food and supply store that has been serving the HUDSON area since 1992. Spencer helped open and manage the store until purchasing the business in 1999 from the original owner. But the industry has seen significant changes during the past 25 years, not only with the rise of large chains, but also with Internet-base companies that ship directly to customers' homes. Before the arrival of large retail chains, Pet Food Warehouse was three times its current size, with several employees. Today, it is just Spencer and one part-time employee, Marc Geiger. Spencer admits it is difficult to compete with big-box stores. In fact, she doesn't sell some popular brands, such as Pedigree, because folks can purchase it cheaper at chain stores than what distributors will sell to her. Distributors today couldn't care less about small business, Spencer say. They only care about big stores. We don't even see sales reps anymore. She may not be able to compete with the variety and prices of big stores, but Spencer says she offers quality. Spencer's store carries a large selection of wheat-free and grain-free foods and treats for pets, including dog and cat food, as well as bulk feed for birds, rabbits, hamsters, rats and girls There is also a selection of collars, leashes, harnesses and other supplies. Spencer puts a lot of thought and care into the products she chooses to sell, selecting natural and Holistic choices from trusted companies, such as Science Diet, California Natural, Wellness Natural Food for Pets, and Holistic Select. Most importantly, she say, everything sold in store is made in America. The true charm of her business is defined by her supreme love for all animals and her staunch dedication to the community, says Shannon Nehoda, Spencer's landlord. Debbie's warm smile and pet-friendly atmosphere are reason customers and their pets enjoy shopping at Pet Food Warehouse. Nehoda says, as animal lovers, she and her husband, Steve, value the presence of Spencer's store in the community so much so that they donate a portion of her rent to the local Humane Society.

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