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The ArgoNeuT experiment has gauged the first antineutrino differential cross sections in a liquid-argon time forecast chamber, or LArTPC. Like quarks, neutrinos come in 3 types. Also like quarks, neutrinos can oscillate, or change from one of their three types into another. Neutrino masses are many orders of size smaller sized than the quark masses. And while every quark has an antiquark companion, neutrinos may or might not be their own antiparticles. The ArgoNeuT detector, the first LArTPC to record neutrino data in the United States, provides a very high-resolution sight into the nature of these particle interactions. The MINOS near detector, located behind ArgoNeuT, measures the charge and momentum of muons from ArgoNeuT's neutrino communications. Throughout ArgoNeuT's data collection, a short one-month run in neutrino beam mode was adhered to by a longer run in antineutrino light beam setting. ArgoNeuT released the results of the charged-current cross area in neutrino beam of light mode two years earlier. New results from the antineutrino beam setting, which contains both neutrino and antineutrino sources, show arrangement with simulations and not a surprises in the distributions of the angle and momentum of the outgoing muon. There is little data on the rates of these interactions in argon and even less on specific properties of the outbound fragments that develop from them. ArgoNeuT's neutrinos are at approximately the same energy that will be researched in future long-baseline neutrino experiments, so this result can already help form prep work for comparable analyses on those experiments.

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