Appendicitis tests

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

If your symptoms aren't regular, additional tests may be needed in hospital to confirm the diagnosis and dismiss other problems. If the diagnosis is still unsure, your doctor might recommend a laparoscopy to examine your appendix and pelvic body organs. This means some people will have their appendix got rid of even though it's ultimately found to be normal. Sometimes where a diagnosis is not certain, a doctor may suggest waiting up to 24 hrs to see if your symptoms boost, remain the same, or worsen. You'll be sent to hospital immediately for treatment if your physician believes your appendix has burst. Your appendix usually needs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible if you have appendicitis. Surgical treatment is usually advised if there's a chance you have appendicitis however it's not been possible to make a clear medical diagnosis. This is because it's considered safer to get rid of the appendix than run the risk of the appendix bursting.

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