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neurobehavioral and genotoxic parameters of antipsychotic agent aripiprazole in mice. "neurobehavioral and genotoxic parameters of antipsychotic agent aripiprazole in mice.", by Picada JN, Dos Santos Bde J, Celso F, Monteiro JD, Da Rosa KM, Camacho LR, Vieira LR, Freitas TM, Da Silva TG, Pontes VM, Pereira P. fig5: Representative images of comets in blood and brain tissues. (A) Blood comets from the control group; (B) Blood comets from the aripiprazole treated group; (C) Brain comets from the control group; (D) Brain comets...

Aripiprazole is an antipsychotic medication that is used to treat schizophrenia in adults and children a minimum of 13 years old. Aripiprazole is used alone or with a state of mind stabilizer medicine to deal with bipolar I disorder in adults and children at least 10 years old. Aripiprazole is used with antidepressant medication to deal with major depressive disorder in adults. People with clinical depression or mental disease might have ideas about self-destruction. Some young people might have increased self-destructive thoughts when first starting a medicine to deal with clinical depression. Prevent driving and doing other tasks or activities that call for you to be sharp or have clear eyesight till you see exactly how aripiprazole affects you. Low leukocyte matters have occurred with drugs such as this one. If you have ever before had a low white blood cell matter, inform your medical professional. People with clinical depression or mental disease might have thoughts about suicide. Some youths may have increased self-destructive ideas when first starting a medication to deal with depression. Prior to taking aripiprazole oral remedy, inform your medical professional if you have diabetics issues. Aripiprazole can cause high blood sugar level. The orally degenerating tablet type of this drug may consist of over 3 milligrams of phenylalanine per tablet. Taking antipsychotic medication in the last 3 months of pregnancy may cause significant issues in the newborn. Aripiprazole can be taken with or without food. Aripiprazole fluid may be used for approximately 6 months after opening, however not after the expiration date on the medication label. Take the medication as quickly as you can, yet miss the missed out on dosage if it is nearly time for your following dose.

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