Aristidis Pagratidis

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Last Updated: 22 February 2022

In 1959, Aristidis Paes, a suspected Greek serial killer who carried out a string of murders and predatory attacks on couples in Seikh Sou's forest area. He was arrested in February 1966 and sentenced to death as a danger to public health, and was executed on February 16, 1968. Pagratidis rebutted his confession, claiming he was psychologically coerced and beaten, but he maintained his innocence right up to the point of his execution. While in jail in Paratidis, the 23-year-old confessed to an interrogator who was prosecutor in the presence of the Thessaloniki prosecutor that he had committed the following offences in the past while serving in prison Paratidis. In 1966, Aristidis Pagratidis was found guilty of his Confessed crimes.

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