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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Art lovers are constantly in deep search for the true definition of art, yet it can encompass a variety of things that go beyond just paintings on museum walls. Art is all around us, it is omnipresent. My father, contemporary abstract artist, has always been my biggest inspiration. He helped me tap into my artistic side and to learn to appreciate the world of art around me. As a family, we love visiting galleries and art museums. From this, my love and passion for Art grow greater each day as I get older and the beauty of Art never ceases to inspire me in life. I have always wanted to talk about art but I didnt know where to start! It is something I love and it has become like filter through which I view life. It exists in what I wear, in how I how I choose to write, style my furniture or cook my food. It in everything. It is very possible to find art in the smallest of ordinary things. There are so many new interpretations of everything that surrounds us. We can be moved by cactus in ceramic pot, butterfly on petal, and at times one doesnt need to wander far to find the city blooming with vibrant art murals, graffiti, street performance and various delightfully spontaneous art installations. At the end of the day, art serves as an unorthodox way to add life and fascination to everyday things and situations. The other day, my dad and I were looking into empty cup of coffee, and we saw leftover stain forming drawing of mountains and sea! It is about noticing something unexpected in everyday life. If you think about it, everything around us has been created by someone with artistic vision to some degree. Art can be Express in endless ways. Have you ever looked at any piece of art and instantly relate to it? Understand it? Felt touched by it? On the other hand, how many times have you misunderstood work of art? Felt it was pointless? Art is more than merely pretty imitations of nature or face. To most people, art comes down to beauty, aesthetic that is pleasant to look at on the walls of your living rooms. While we do admire this quality of art, sometimes it is taken for grant that art is in fact omnipresent and has been for all of human history in all aspects of life. How many times have we stumbled upon Art of this or Art of that? Personally, I do look at works of artists like Malevichs Black Square or scribbles of Cy Thombly, that cost millions. Ive always believed art is about mastering something. Paintings, literature, music or whatever it might be, should be valued for skill, technique, style and possess some kind of beauty. For instance, artists like Cy Twomblys seem to miss the mark.

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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