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Asian Carp

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 24 April 2022

Asian Carp have historically been introduced in areas beyond their native ranges as a food resource, a method that proceeds today. The common carp was first presented to the United States in 1877, and was presented to the Pacific Northwest quickly thereafter in 1882. Carps have been presented and now have replicating populations in all of the lower contiguous 48 states and Hawaii, the intro of the category Hypophthalmichthys has taken place in the current past. Asian carps were first imported into the United States in the early 1970s and subsequently gotten away during an analysis as phytoplankton control in commercial aquaculture and sewage treatment. Populations of Asian carps in the Mississippi River Basin seem drastically enhancing. As filter-feeders, Asian carps compete with planktivorous and larval fish along with clams. Along with destructive effects on native fish populations, these fish are responsible for damage to individuals and property. Silver carp are also damaging boats and other devices consisting of radios, depth finders, fishing tools, and antennae.

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