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Assaf Amdursky

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Last Updated: 13 November 2020

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Assaf Amdursky

Background information
Associated actsTaarovet Escot , Amir "Jango" Rusianu , Yirmi Kaplan
Born( 1971-01-30 ) January 30, 1971 (age 49)
GenresDance music
InstrumentsGuitar, keyboards, percussion, bass, harmonica, and trumpet
Occupation(s)Singer, songwriter and music producer

Amdursky began his career in Israel with the band Taarovet Escot, which also includes Amir jango rusianu and Yirmi Kaplan. Together they released one album in 1991. The band soon break up, and all of its members pursue solo careers. His first eponymous solo album was released in 1994. He writes and composes most of the songs on it. In it he plays guitar, keyboards, percussion, bass, harmonica, and trumpet, and collaborates with Karni Postel, Vered Klepter, Jonnie Shualy, as well as his bandmates from Taarovet Escot. It yield hits Yekirati and Ahava Khadasha. The album was re-master and re-release with bonus tracks in 2008. His second album, also eponymous, was released in 1996. On it he experimented with more keyboard-orient arrangements and longer tracks. Songs Hashamayim Hakkhulim and Hu he'emin La became hits. In 1999, Amdursky published his album Menoim Shketim with hit songs 15 minutes and Khalom Kehe, which featured recorded monologue of late musician Inbal Perlmuter. The album went gold. It also includes a duo with Eviatar Banai in the closing song Ahava. During the mid-1990s, Amdursky moved to the United States to pursue a DJ and dance music production career. He teamed up with Friburn & Urik to produce a remix for their debut single you get My Love on Sub Culture records. With production partner Omri Anghel, he formed Hard Attack. The duo released their first single on Jellybean Recordings Label, Set Me Free, which immediately climbed its way up to the top-20 Billboard Dance Music chart. From 1999 to 2002, Amdursky released a number of remixes and original tracks as producer, in collaboration with Israeli producer Haim Laroz. Back in Israel, Amdursky released a live album in 2000, which documents a live show with new electronic version of his earlier songs. In 2000 he was Award Israeli Singer of Year Award, and Album of Year Award for Silent Engines. In 2005, he produced Kadima Akhora-double cover Album, which interprets 1980s Israeli songs with a touch of electronic music. Amdursky's self-release studio Album Harei At, released in 2008, also went gold. It combines 11 new rock, pop, and jazz style songs, all dealing with love and partnerships. His next album, Tsad Alef, was released in 2011, and includes one song with lyrics by David Avidan, and collaborations with guest singers Tom Darom, Rona Kenan and Karni Postel. Amdursky also worked as music producer on the movies Nina's Tragedies, Ahava Columbianit, and Lose Islands. For the latter, he received an Ophir Award.

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