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Athlete's Foot

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 02 May 2022
bottom view of foot with athlete's foot "bottom view of foot with athlete's foot", by National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health. Drawing of a foot with athlete's foot....

Athlete's foot is a skin infection triggered by fungus. A fungal infection might occur on any part of the body; on the foot, it is called professional athlete's foot, or tinea pedis. Fungal infections are more common in warm weather condition when feet tend to sweat more. Athletes often have sweaty feet and use the facilities where fungus is generally found, hence the term "athlete's foot. " Professional athlete's foot usually creates scratchy, completely dry, scaling skin. Preventing strolling barefoot combined with excellent foot health can help reduce the spread of the fungus. , if your feet sweat a lot you may require to change your socks throughout the day. Athlete's foot takes place when a particular fungus grows on the skin of your feet. The same fungus may grow on other parts of the body. Use shut shoes, especially if they are plastic-lined; Keep your feet wet for long durations; Sweat a lot; Develop a minor skin or nail injury; Athlete's foot is conveniently spread. Red and scratchy skin; Burning or painful pain; Blisters that exude or get crusty; If the fungus infects your nails, they can come to be tarnished, thick, and even fall apart. Athlete's foot might occur at the same time as other fungal or yeast skin infections such as jock impulse. Professional athlete's foot can conveniently spread to other people by touching contaminated skin or entering into call with infected things or surfaces. You ought to see your GP if: treatments from a drug store do not work; you're in a lot of pain; your foot is red, hot and agonizing, this might be a more serious infection; you have diabetes mellitus, foot issues can be more serious if you have diabetes; you have a damaged immune system, for example, you've had an organ transplant or are having radiation treatment.

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