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The baseline data collection materials include four self provided forms, a two part telephone interview separated into 16 sections and 19 components on specific professions, and a kind completed by a mobile phlebotomist. Inquiries about previous cancer medical diagnoses, BRCA1/2 testing Sister History. Questions about a few of the individual's homes, consisting of detailed questions about the area and the home where it lies; includes questions about existing home, residence at which participant lived the longest since the age of 20, and the house where she lived the lengthiest prior to age 14 Residential Farm Exposures. Concerns for individuals who had lived on a farm during youth or their adult years consisting of history of farm house, elevating of animals, plants, and chemicals Physical Activity, Sun Exposure, and Hobbies Questions about physical tasks consisting of sporting activities, workouts, and chores around the home or yard, time invested outdoors in daytime and hobbies or crafts done on a regular basis that may entail environmental exposures Smoking. History of smoking and exposure to cigarette smoke from other people. Background inquiries including country of birth, race, ethnicity, sex-related alignment, marital standing, education, income, parental figures throughout childhood years and their education and learning levels, basic economic standing and food safety as a child, and questions about experiences with stress and coping in the past 30 days Actual sets of questions can be accessed via the Sister Study Tracking and Review System web site. Inquiries about use of birth control approaches that entail hormones, including hormone birth control methods used for birth control, control of menstruation cycles, or other medical factors, hormonal agent replacement therapy, clinical procedures that might stop menstrual periods, existing menstruation condition and day of last menstruation period, symptoms of menopause, and use other hormonal agents Medical Conditions.

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