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Bahala Na Gang

Summarized by Plex Health
Last Updated: 07 July 2021

MANILA, Philippines, A believed Bahala Na Gang member was fired dead in Malate, Manila, police said Thursday. When he was attacked, the Manila Police District claimed that the still unidentified target was walking on A. Mabini Street corner Pres. The target did not have an ID with him. A resident in the area stated he saw the target by face as a gang member.

From Netflix, The Winner of NBC's Stand Up for Diversity Jr Deguzman Researcher Dr. Joe Hoffswell I'll be chatting about Bahala Na Gang, a Filipino street gang that emerged immediately after World War 2 as hardened criminals were released back into society. The members of the Bahala Na, or Anything Goes, Filipino youth gang have made California background, in a fashion, since never in the past have numerous suspects been billed with first-degree murder in a solitary situation, according to authorities.

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