Bakhodir Jalolov

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Last Updated: 21 February 2022

When an expert boxer completely KOd a young amateur, there was a moment of wonderful debate at the AIBA World Boxing Championships in September 2019.

Since the 2016 Olympics, pros have been permitted to enter some competitions which typically came from novices and this has caused recurring disagreements over safety and security, with headguards eliminated. Torrez had to be stretchered out of the ring consequently and was often tended to by physician.

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman declared that he thought the battle was brutal and criminal' as he expressed his sensations on Twitter. He was opposed by those that pointed out that Torrez was much from unskilled himself. Now, over two years later, Jalolov is 10-0 as a professional, and has finally finished completing as an amateur. For the American though, it was a repeat result instead than revenge, though this time Jalolov defeated him on points, instead than by KO.

Following Fight: The Big Uzbek will begin his 2022 project versus the usually sturdy Kamil Sokolowski at the Duty Free Tennis Stadium, Dubai on Friday. Sokolowski was born in Poland yet fighting out of the UK and transformed professional in 2014. Jalolov has proved that he is among the best amateur heavyweights on the planet in the 2020 Olympics, claimed Kornilov. Mora doesn't feel Jalolov needs much work, just tweak to the professional rankings.

In his very early years, Jalolov was never interested in fight sports, however his father, who was a wrestler and a ruffian, that worked as a police officer, intended to toughen his only kid up. At the age of 12, my daddy told me that he would send me to sports school to play soccer, however he fooled me and sent me to boxing class, and guaranteed me that if there were any openings in soccer class, he would take me there. My daddy was really delighted with all my success, he was constantly in touch with my instructor and he was targeting big goals for me.

The last spell was truly tough, the Uzbekistan athlete said later on. I think a lot of sportsmen would love to be the Olympic champion.

The two opponents had last settled up at the 2019 AIBA World Boxing Championships, yet the memory of his loss didn't appear to phase Torrez, as he comfortably and with confidence walked into the Kokugikan Arena to the stress of Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata'. The umpire briefly stopped the battle to make sure that Tozzer could have a cut treated, yet the American obtained directly back into the affray. He is the first-ever boxer from his country to win the title and only the second to declare a medal in the event after Rustam Saidov took bronze in Sydney 2000. On his way to the last, Jalolov didn't lose a point.

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