Baloxavir Marboxil

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Last Updated: 02 May 2022

Baloxavir marboxil is used to deal with influenza symptoms triggered by influenza virus in people that have had symptoms for no more than 48 hours. Baloxavir marboxil will not deal with the cold. Baloxavir marboxil is also used to stop influenza symptoms in people who have touched with somebody who has the influenza. Baloxavir marboxil might also be used for objectives not provided in this drug guide. If you use other medications or have other clinical problems or allergic reactions, tell your medical professional. You must not use baloxavir marboxil if you dislike it. Having influenza while pregnant can cause severe problems that could harm both mom and infant. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that pregnant women get a flu fired during any trimester of pregnancy to shield themselves and their newborn babies from influenza. Baloxavir marboxil is usually given as a solitary dosage to be taken at once. baloxavir marboxil will be supplied either as tablets or a fluid that is mixed by a healthcare expert. Take baloxavir marboxil when you first see influenza symptoms. If you are taking baloxavir marboxil to protect against flu symptoms, take your dose as soon as possible after you've touched with a person that has the flu. You might take baloxavir marboxil with or without food. Call your medical professional if your symptoms do not boost, or if they become worse. Store tablets in the blister pack at space temperature level, far from moisture and heat. Baloxavir marboxil is used as a single dose and does not have a daily dosing routine.

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124081896C27H23F2N3O7S571.6COC(=O)OCOC1=C2C(=O)N3CCOCC3N(N2C=CC1=O)C4C5=C(CSC6=CC=CC=C46)C(=C(C=C5)F)FCOC(=O)OCOC1=C2C(=O)N3CCOC[[email protected]]3N(N2C=CC1=O)[[email protected]]4C5=C(CSC6=CC=CC=C46)C(=C(C=C5)F)FInChI=1S/C27H23F2N3O7S/c1-36-27(35)39-14-38-25-19(33)8-9-31-24(25)26(34)30-10-11-37-12-21(30)32(31)23-15-6-7-18(28)22(29)17(15)13-40-20-5-3-2-4-16(20)23/h2-9,21,23H,10-14H2,1H3/t21-,23+/m1/s1RZVPBGBYGMDSBG-GGAORHGYSA-N[(3R)-2-[(11S)-7,8-difluoro-6,11-dihydrobenzo[c][1]benzothiepin-11-yl]-9,12-dioxo-5-oxa-1,2,8-triazatricyclo[,8]tetradeca-10,13-dien-11-yl]oxymethyl methyl carbonate3.8571.12247758571.122477581231090001264002200001
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