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Band Camino

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Last Updated: 02 July 2021

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Band Camino


I 've never had a favorite band in my life, until Band CAMINO. I am typically a person that never fully listens to one specific band. 'll pick a handful of songs from all kinds of groups, but I never feel like I enjoy every single song from these groups. However, once I heard Daphne Blue by Band CAMINO when it was released in 2018, I listened to and fell in love with every single song by the group. With 73. 3k followe r s on Instagram and tours booked out across the world, Band CAMINO has risen abruptly in the past couple of years. The members of Band CAMINO have stated throughout their entire growth that their intentions in creating music are to be real, raw, and to write words that resonate with real life. With this type of transparency, Band CAMINO has gained thousands of devoted fans who crave the unique rock / pop / indie sound that comes with every song. The members of Band CAMINO consist of: Jeffrey Jordan, Spencer Stewart, Graham Rowell, and Garrison Burgess. Members of Band CAMINO have stated numerous times before that theyre really just every day, regular, normal guys and it shows in content that they share with the world. Posing for pictures with their real-life buddies, taking videos of themselves pranking each other, spending time being genuine friends. These are all things that make Band CAMINO appealing to listeners / watchers, because they are living real lives and not attempting to live up to impossible standards that pop culture typically expect. Band CAMINO write songs that resonate with real-life people. A lot of lyrics have to do with relationships and complications that come with them. However, Band CAMINO steers away from cliche lines and sticks to deep feelings of heart. For example, in one of their first hits, My Thoughts on You, group acknowledge difference between thoughts and feelings, while opening up about realization about still needing someone you were once close with. My Thoughts versus My feelings, My Thoughts on You hit the ceiling But my feelings are real thing If I feel things I dont really discern. In more recent, yet underrated single, Band CAMINO, uses simple lyrics that encompass the feeling of being forgotten by someone you still think of in Something To Hold on To. The band sings phrase: do you ever think of me? After everything Give Me Something To Hold on To I need just a little piece Ill take anything Give Me Something To Hold on To. In this single, Band CAMINO use simplicity of real lyrics, matched with more rock sound to create a heart-wrenching banger. One of Band CAMINOs tracks from their most recent album, Tryhard, demonstrates an irresistible bond between two people who are no longer in a relationship: Break Me. You call me up crying Why does that make me want you more?

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* Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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