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Barcodes by Country

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Last Updated: 15 April 2022

As false reports regarding where food are made have escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic, an old rumor has resurfaced on Facebook, indicating that a barcode can reveal the country of origins of an item. The same as the 2015 story, the first three digits on a barcode tells a customer where the product was made and lists several countries with a set of numbers next to them, according to the author. Fact check: Wayfair is not involved in child sex trafficking. The group of numbers below a black-and-white barcode indicates the product's manufacturer. Universal Product Codes and European Article Numbers are printed on virtually every product in the world, and are the longest-established and widely used of all GS1 barcodes, according to GS1's website. According to the site, an EAN-13 barcode number always begins with the GS1 Prefix of the GS1 Member Organisation that allocated the barcode number. International Barcodes also claims on its website that the claim that a barcode can show where an article is manufactured is an old legend. Many people mistakenly believe that the barcode numbers' first few digits display the country of origin of the product. Although the number under a barcode doesn't indicate where a product is made, the figures show other details. However, the barcode number indicates that notHING accurate regarding the country of origin of the product is not true. If you want to show that your product is made in your own country, eg, New Zealand, then the best way to do this is to print Made in New Zealand or similar on the product. The belief that the barcode number identifying the country of origin of the product has been debunked has long been debunked. All barcodes and barcode systems are made for international use, so there are virtually no restrictions based on the country of origin globally. Any specific examples of stores enforcing any kind of barcode control can be seen here. Following is a list of country codes used by individual GS1 companies around the world, the black and white barcode on a product carton is an electronically scannable image that is often printed just below it. The first two to three digits of a product number, according to a Facebook message, show the country of origin of the product. Countrywide Barcode, another company that offers EAN and UPC barcodes, has announced that the product number prefix does not indicate which country a product was made in. A Barcode Does NOT Tell You A Product's Country Of Origin A Barcode Does NOT Tell You A Barcode Does Not Tell You A Barcode's Country Of Origin A Barcode Does Not Tell You A Barcode Is Origin The Product's Country Of Origin is located in the United States. Reuters, Partly False assertion: Barcode prefixes identify where a product was developed. Reuters, October 28, 2020 Fact Check, October 28, 2008 Lead Story: A Barcode does not Tells Country Of Origination.

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