Barrier Island

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Last Updated: 08 May 2022

Longshore drift has a very powerful impact on the form and composition of the shoreline. Longshore drift might create or damage entire barrier islands along a shoreline. A barrier island is a lengthy overseas deposit of sand situated parallel to the coastline. Tucker's Island, New Jersey, is a barrier island that plainly illustrates just how longshore drift and solid climate affect these transient sand deposits. The inlet north of Tucker's Island, Beach Haven inlet, was additionally affected by longshore drift. At times, the inlet was narrow or missing and Tucker's Island was connected to the close-by Long Beach Island. At other times, the inlet was broad, and Tucker's Island was divided from Long Beach Island. They were initially successful in halting the erosion, but the jetties worked so well that the currents of Beach Haven inlet started to wash in the other direction, towards Tucker's Island. As the inlet started to broaden, the island after that began to erode very swiftly.

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