Bartonella Quintana Infection

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Last Updated: 05 May 2022

People can get Bartonella quintana from the bite of the human body louse. B. quintana infection is most commonly connected with body louse invasions in areas of high population density and bad hygiene. People experiencing being homeless go to increased risk of developing infection with B. quintana since of limited access to shower and washing centers. B. quintana infection takes place worldwide. Throughout the first World War, infection with B. quintana was described as trench fever as a result of the many cases amongst soldiers who stayed in jampacked trenches in bad hygienic conditions. Just like many Bartonella species, B. quintana can often cause infection of the heart shutoffs. Access to regular showers and laundry services is crucial to avoid quintana infection among people residing in congregate shelters or that do not have accessibility to housing. When cleaning garments or bedding that may be plagued with body lice, use warm water above 55 levels Celsius and dry over warmth to kill lice and their eggs.

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