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Last Updated: 07 May 2022
efficacy of beta-blocker therapy in symptomatic athletes with exercise-induced intra-ventricular gradients. "efficacy of beta-blocker therapy in symptomatic athletes with exercise-induced intra-ventricular gradients.", by Cotrim C, Lopes LR, Almeida AR, Miranda R, Almeida AG, Cotrim H, Andrade JP, Picano E, Carrageta M. F1: IVG in one athlete assessed before (left) and after (right) - beta blocker therapy...

Beta blockers work generally by reducing down the heart. Beta blockers usually come as tablets. Beta blockers may be used to deal with: angina, upper body pain triggered by constricting of the arteries supplying the heart; heart failure, failure of the heart to pump adequate blood around the body; atrial fibrillation, uneven heart beat; heart attack, an emergency where the blood supply to the heart is instantly obstructed; high blood pressure, when other medicines have been tried, or along with other medications. To make certain they are secure for you, inform your medical professional before starting a beta blocker if you have: had a sensitive response to a beta blocker or any other medicine in the past; low high blood pressure or a slow-moving heart rate; severe blood flow troubles in your arm or legs; metabolic acidosis, when there's way too much acid in your blood; lung disease or bronchial asthma. In many cases instantly stopping the medicine might make your health and wellness condition even worse.

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