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effect of beta-carotene on oxidative stress and expression of cardiac connexin 43. "effect of beta-carotene on oxidative stress and expression of cardiac connexin 43.", by Novo R, Azevedo PS, Minicucci MF, Zornoff LA, Paiva SA. f01: Immunohistochemistry for connexin 43 in left ventricular myocardium. (A) Control;(B) supplemented with beta-carotene; (C): negative control....

Vitamins are substances that you have to have for development and wellness. An absence of vitamin A might cause uncommon problem called night blindness. Your healthcare expert might deal with these issues by suggesting either beta-carotene, which your body can become vitamin A, or vitamin A for you. Increased demand for vitamin A must be figured out by your wellness treatment expert. Claims that beta-carotene is reliable as a sunscreen have not been shown. Beta-carotene may be used to deal with other problems as figured out by your medical professional. Beta-carotene is available without a prescription.

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