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Last Updated: 23 April 2022

Bioenergy is one of many diverse resources offered to aid meet our demand for energy. The U. S. Department of Energy's 2016 Billion-Ton Report: Advancing Domestic Resources for a Thriving Bioeconomy concluded that the United States has the potential to generate 1 billion completely dry lots of non-food biomass resources each year by 2040 and still meet needs for feed, fiber, and food. Biomass is a sustainable energy source originated from plant- and algae-based materials that consist of: Crop wastes; Forest residues; Purpose-grown turfs; Woody energy plants; Microalgae; Urban wood waste; Food waste. Biomass is a functional renewable resource. Both most common types of biofuels being used today are ethanol and biodiesel. Biofuels can be used in planes and most vehicles that are on the road. Renewable transport fuels that are functionally comparable to petroleum fuels lower the carbon strength of our vehicles and airplanes. Biopower innovations transform eco-friendly biomass gas into warm and electrical energy using procedures like those used with fossil fuels. There are three methods to gather the energy stored in biomass to create biopower: burning, microbial decay, and conversion to a gas or fluid fuel. Biopower can balance out the need for carbon fuels burned in power plants, thus reducing the carbon intensity of electrical power generation. Unlike some forms of recurring renewable resource, biopower can increase the versatility of electricity generation and boost the integrity of the electric grid. Simulating the existing petroleum refinery model, incorporated biorefineries can produce bioproducts along with biofuels. Income created from bioproducts supplies added worth, improving the economics of biorefinery procedures and developing more cost-competitive biofuels.

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