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Last Updated: 09 May 2022

Yosemite provides birds with 750,000 acres of abnormally diverse habitats. Bird enthusiasts going to Yosemite National Park will see and experience various bird behaviors relying on the moment of year and habitat. While straight environment associations with willow flycatchers can not be teased apart any longer, park biologists are trying to find out more about environmental stability of wet fields, and exactly how different aspects of fields, such as hydrology, affect wild animals. California identified owl research suggests that the owls benefit from fires, both tool- to low-severity, that result in a woodland with a reasonably closed canopy and large real-time trees. Regular wildland and prescribed fire programs in Yosemite are used sensibly to ensure fire remains an integral part of the woodland ecosystem and shield the woodlands from large, high-severity fires. Not remarkably, one of the major target items of Yosemite's spotted owl population, the north flying squirrel, also gain from these same woodland characteristics. Excellent grey owl research reveals the Sierra Nevada is home to a genetically distinctive population, compared to excellent grey owls outside of California. In 2010, scientists documented Yosemite's terrific gray owl as genetically distinctive from the fantastic gray owl to the north. In recognition of Yosemite's bird variety and important breeding, stopover, and wintering habitats, Yosemite National Park is marked by the American Bird Conservancy as a Globally Important Bird Area. Yearly we have an annual Christmas Bird Count as another choice to go birding in the park. Most songbirds require two weeks to incubate their young and another two weeks prior to the young are all set to leave the nest. The peregrine falcon prospers in Yosemite Valley, however this impressive bird was temporarily extirpated from much of its native range, consisting of Yosemite where it vanished for decades, leading to its listing as an endangered types in the early 1970s. Due to the impressive, joint initiatives of Yosemite climbers, UCSC Predatory Bird Research Group, and NPS biologists, with generous funding from the Yosemite Conservancy, the story of Yosemite's peregrine falcon is just one of hope.

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