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quantitative method for evaluation of aesthetic results after laser treatment for birthmarks. "quantitative method for evaluation of aesthetic results after laser treatment for birthmarks.", by Szychta P, Al-Nakib K, Anderson W, Stewart K, Quaba A. Fig1: Main screen of the SLCC program, presenting the process of analyzing the outcome of the laser treatment for birthmarks; a preoperative period, b state after last stage of treatment...

When an infant is birthed, birthmarks are irregularities of the skin that are present. Vascular birthmarks are composed of blood vessels that have not formed properly. Two types of vascular birthmarks are hemangiomas and port-wine discolorations. Pigmented birthmarks are constructed from a cluster of pigment cells which cause shade in skin. Your infant's doctor will check out the birthmark to see if it requires any treatment or if it ought to be viewed. Therapy for vascular birthmarks consists of laser surgical procedure. Usually birthmarks are only a worry for your look. Certain types can increase your risk of skin cancer. If your birthmark hemorrhages, injures, itches, or becomes contaminated, call your health care provider. Pigmented birthmarks are tan or brown-coloured skin marks. Several of the most common types of vascular birthmarks consist of: Salmon spots are flat red or pink patches that can appear on a baby's eyelids, neck or temple at birth. When a child cries, salmon patches are typically more obvious. Occasionally childish haemangiomas occur much deeper in the skin, in which instance the skin can look blue or purple. When you touch the mark, the skin is not thickened and you can not really feel any difference. Almost half of all infants have a stork bite' mark. The mark at the rear of the neck may stay for longer, however it is usually covered by hair and concealed. Periodically, marks on the forehead, side of the nose and top lip may persist longer. They are more common in infants from Asian and African ethnic groups that have darker skin colouring.

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